Dragon Temple

The Legions of Arcana

3000 magical dragons ready to join the Dracoverse

The Legions of Arcana

The Legions of Arcana are a collection of 3,000 mythical dragons born from the magical land of Arcana. These hatchlings were once mystical eggs that had laid dormant for years, in a cave, atop the tallest mountain in Arcana. It wasn`t until they were heated by The Great Genesis Dragon Fire that the eggs began to incubate and hatch! Soon they will grow into mighty dragons with various magical attributes to aid them in their journeys throughout the dracoverse.

Upon the hatching of your L.o.A. each creature will generate $RCANA. $RCANA is the token used throughout the magical land of Arcana and in all parts of the Genesis Dragons ecosystem. $RCANA is not to be confused with currency as it has no monetary value and is meant to be used as an in game token.

SkyMap below!

The Legions of Arcana

3000 Mysterious Portal born Eggs Rain On Genesis Dragons and those who guard treasure on the ethereum blockchain


Phase One

Phase 1: Launch Day

4/20/2022 will be a day that goes down in Dragon`s history!

Phase Two

Phase 2: Legion Spawn

Legions of Arcana are a 3000 piece collection of dragon hatchlings that will take the world by storm.

Phase Three

Phase 3: Arcana Token

Dragons auto generate $RCANA and claim weapons, items and various rewards.

Phase Four

Phase 4: Into the Metaverse

The Great Genesis Migration will take place! Dragons take on various new forms to be able to collaborate with other ecosystems on the blockchain.

Phase Five

Phase 5: Conquests

Dragons journey to new realms through portals to reclaim lost $RCANA which can be used to yield powerful items to aid them in their quest.

Here are our heroes

The Genesis Dragons team is made up of a group of artists, developers, designers, and degens who first bonded over their love for this project. The team is committed to building out the dracoverse with a focus on community. Chaotic Good alignments only!